VendExpo & WRS5 2019

International exhibition of vending technologies and self-service system

The exhibition was held from 15 to 17 of September

WTC "Expocentre" view map | Moscow, Russia

"VendExpo & WRS5 2019"

In the near future, wait for updates on the upcoming exhibition

VendExpo & WRS5 2019
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    Exhibition subjects

    About the last exhibition VendExpo & WRS5 2019

    Targeted visitors!
    VendExpo & WRS5 2019
    VendExpo sections:

    • Vending machines
    • Mechanical vending machines
    • HoReCa professional vending machines
    • Information kiosks, content kiosks
    • Amusement vending machines, jukeboxes, etc.
    • Bill and coin acceptors
    • Water and coolers
    • Disposable tableware for vending machines
    • Food, ingredients and goods for automated commerce
    • Packages
    • Equipment for vending machine transportation and cleaning
    • Components and accessories
    • ATM security systems
    • Software, processing
    WRS5 exhibition sections:

    Retail self-service systems:

    • Self-check-out
    • Solutions for self-service carwashes, laundries, post
    • offices, etc
    • Security systems
    • RFID technologies
    Self-service systems in banks and government agencies:

    • Line management systems
    • Payment and informational kiosks
    • Automated bank vaults
    Intellectual solutions for city infrastructure and transport systems:

    • Ticket ATMs
    • Equipment for parking lots and bike rent
    • Automated systems for customs control, passport control and luggage check
    • Automated luggage stores
    As well as:

    • Service robots
    • Software
    • Internet of things
    • NFC technologies
    • Mobile applications
    • Etc

    Wide geography of participants!

    VendExpo & WRS5 2019
     Location VendExpo & WRS5 2019