Vendex 2023

3th vending technologies & selfservice systems exhibition

The exhibition was held from 12 to 14 of January

Istanbul Expo Center view map | Istanbul, Turkey

"Vendex 2023"

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Vendex 2023
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    Exhibition subjects

    About the last exhibition Vendex 2023

    Always a target audience!
    Vendex 2023
    Vending machines offering a wide range of products in big cities keep increasing in number and variety. Vending machines with differing features and designs have started to serve as a novel and profitable investment tool for investors as a result of increased use of vending machines and product diversity offered by them.

    Having entered our lives as a result of rapid urbanization, food and beverage vending machines, which we come across at subway stations, attraction centers, universities, hospitals and offices, have created a new market and new business opportunities in this market in Turkey.

    Parallel to these developments, Vendex, which will be organized with the mission of introducing the novelties in this sector, bringing together all stakeholders of the sector that do business with each other and creating a platform for new commercial collaborations, is getting ready to respond to the needs of the sector.

    Exhibition sections:

    Vending machines and technology:

    • Vending machines
    • Hot-cold beverage vending machines/Coffee-making machines
    • Snacks and appetisers vending machines
    • Amusement vending machines, jukeboxes
    • Information kiosks, content kiosks
    • Water and coolers
    • Other service machines
    Products and services:

    • Disposable tableware for vending machines
    • Snacks/Drinks/Other Filling Products
    • Software, processing/payment systems
    • Equipment for parking lots and bike rent
    • Bill and coin acceptors
    • Organizations/Associations/Magazines

    Wide geography of participants!

    Vendex 2023
     Location Vendex 2023