Housing and Public Utilities - Promexpo 2019

15th specialized exhibition

The exhibition was held from 10 to 12 of March

Cosmos view map | Ekaterinburg, Russia

"Housing and Public Utilities - Promexpo 2019"

In the near future, wait for updates on the upcoming exhibition

Housing and Public Utilities - Promexpo 2019
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    Exhibition subjects

    About the last exhibition Housing and Public Utilities - Promexpo 2019

    Always a target audience!
    Housing and Public Utilities - Promexpo 2019
    Housing and Public Utilities-Promexpo exhibition sections:

    Reconstruction, repair and maintenance of residential buildings: facades, roofs, entrances:

    • Modern materials, equipment, technology, design works
    • Management of residential buildings (management companies, housing cooperatives)
    Electricity and gas supply:

    • Electricity networks and electricity network facilities
    • Gas supply systems and equipment
    • Multifunctional control and measuring equipment, devices for metering for electricity and gas consumption
    • Small-scale and alternative power generation
    • Energy-efficient buildings
    • Saving technologies and equipment
    Life-support systems of residential buildings:

    • Electricity, water, heat, gas supply, ventilation, air conditioning, fire protection, smoke exhaust, alarm
    • Video surveillance, access control and restriction systems
    • Ensuring safety and social comfort of dwellers
    • Lift facilities
    • Residential building management systems
    • Sanitary engineering systems of buildings, cleaning

    • Design, construction, reconstruction, operation
    • Advanced materials and technology
    • Cable equipment, pumps
    • Pipes, shut-off and control equipment
    • Diagnostics and remediation
    Water supply and sewage utilities:

    • Water treatment and water purification, sewerage and drainage
    • Advanced technology, equipment, devices
    District heating:

    • Heating and hot water supply systems
    • Heat metering stations
    • Heat-power equipment, boilers, water heaters, radiators, heat exchangers, heat meters, boiler rooms
    • Energy saving in heat supply systems
    Sanitation of cities and settlements:

    • Collection, disposal and transportation of waste, equipment and technology
    • Sorting stations, incinerators, landfills
    • Waste recycling
    Land improvement:

    • Materials and technology for maintenance of roads and internal territories
    • Children's and sports grounds, hard landscaping, fences, paving slabs, curbs, fountains, street lamps, lighting of buildings, toilets
    • Advertising and information design
    Municipal vehicles:

    • Special chassis, combined road vehicles and interchangeable equipment
    • Vacuum sweepers, watering machines, snow plows, snow loaders
    • Vehicles and equipment for reagent distribution, pavement sweepers
    • Silt suckers, sewer flushers and canal cleaners
    • Garbage trucks, compactors
    • Mobile compressor stations, power plants
    • Welding equipment, breakdown vehicles
    Natural complexes and landscaping:

    • Techniques of landscaping and conservation of green areas
    • Forest and park facilities of cities, landscape design
    Ensuring environmental security and labor protection in the housing and utilities sector:

    • Monitoring of the housing and utilities objects, environment and workplaces
    • Overalls, special equipment
    • Projects in the field of environment protection
    Energy- and resource-saving in the housing and utilities sector

    Staff training. Special literature

    Audit in municipal facilities

    Import substitution in the fuel-energy complex and housing and communal services

    Wide geography of participants!

    Housing and Public Utilities - Promexpo 2019
     Location Housing and Public Utilities - Promexpo 2019