TIR 2019

15th international exhibition of transport for business

from 23 to 25 of October

International expo center view map | Kiev, Ukraine

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TIR 2019

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TIR 2019

The TIR Show is a trade exhibition forum called to demonstrate brand-new kinds of trucks, special-purpose and commercial vehicles, their service and driving performance. Showing the vehicles from prominent world manufacturers, the event is a venue for a wide professional audience and the biggest review of achievements in the field of commercial, freight and passenger transport: from vehicle manufacture and realization to vehicle operation, maintenance and repair.

Retaining the world automobile production know-how, the "TIR" Show promotes the aggressive application and use of up-to-date and adapted to local conditions motor vehicles and technologies in Ukraine. Every year, the "TIR" Freight & Commercial Vehicle Show gathers key manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and services. Arranged on a regular basis test grounds of the show give the exhibitors a unique chance to demonstrate advantages and features of exhibited machinery, whereas the visitors can watch in action and even try on their own the exhibits.

Exhibition profile:


  • Trucks (light trucks, dumpers, truck tractors) 
  • Buses (city buses, coaches and tourist buses, minibuses) 
  • Transport (special, industrial, electro-transport) 



Spare parts, transport facilities maintenance and repairing means

Tires, tires repair, mechanical rubber goods

Security and insurance


Special literature, mass-media

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TIR 2019
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 Location TIR 2019

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TIR 2019

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