Solar PV Show 2022

Exhibition and conference supporting the solar pv value chain

The exhibition was held from 27 to 28 of October

The ADORA Center view map | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

"Solar PV Show 2022"

In the near future, wait for updates on the upcoming exhibition

Solar PV Show 2022
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    Exhibition subjects

    About the last exhibition Solar PV Show 2022

    Targeted visitors!
    Solar PV Show 2022
    Solar PV Show Vietnam is a premier information exchange and business networking platform between multiple stakeholders in the country’s solar PV value chain. The two-day show is estimated to attract a lot of industrial specialists, from government agencies, home and international investors, developers, network providers, financiers, EPCs, to key equipment and solution providers.

    Who should exhibit:

    PV Components and Equipments:

    • Cells
    • Modules
    • Thin film
    • Integration & automation
    • PV materials and components
    • Manufacturing equipment for ingots, wafers, polysilicon, UMG
    • Manufacturing equipment for cell processing, module assembly, thin film
    • Mounting systems & installation aids
    • Racking
    • Floaters 
    EPC, Developers & Engineering Services:

    • EPCs
    • Project Developers
    • Planning, Permitting & Siting
    • Installation & Turnkey Suppliers
    • Technical Consultants
    • Free-standing PV Installation
    • Research and Development
    • Training and Education
    • Consulting Services
    • Financial Services
    • Distributors and resellers
    PV balance of systems (BOS):

    • Inverters
    • Monitoring, measurement & control technology
    • Energy management
    • Building Integrated Solutions (BIV)
    • Stand Alone Systems
    • System Integration
    O&M, Solar Asset Management:

    • Inspection
    • Testing
    • Certification
    • Cleaning Equipment
    • Condition Monitoring
    • Drones
    • IoT
    • Repair Services
    • Spare Parts
    • Wireless Monitoring Solution
    • Tracking
    Energy Storage:

    • Battery Manufacturers
    • Commercial storage solutions
    • Residential storage solutions 
    • Grid-Connected/Off-Grid Storage 
    • Software

    Countries participating in the exhibition!

    Solar PV Show 2022
     Location Solar PV Show 2022