Hunting. Fishing. Tourism 2020

4th international specialized exhibition of goods for hunting, fishing and recreation

from 26 to 28 of March

VDNH-Expo view map | Ufa, Russia

We invite you to take part in the exhibition

Hunting. Fishing. Tourism 2020

Less than 4 months left until the opening

Exhibition for industry professionals!

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Hunting. Fishing. Tourism 2020
Hunting. Fishing. Tourism exhibition sections:

Hunting and fishing:

  • Gear and equipment for sports and amateur fishing and hunting
  • Equipment, clothing, shoes, equipment for hunting and fishing
  • Fishing tackle, accessories for fishing
  • Water equipment, boats, yachts, boats, engines and motors, piers
  • Remedies for hunting and fishing
  • Fisheries, system state protection
  • Collection and hunting weapons
  • Equipment for storage and transportation of weapons
  • Care products for weapons
  • Hardware and optics, devices and means of navigation
  • Bows, crossbows and accessories for archery
  • Knives for tourism, hunting, sports, cutting
  • Hunting trophies, taxidermy
  • Special types of transport for hunting, snowmobiles
  • Hunting, cabins, bathhouse and equipment to them
  • Equipment for shooting ranges and shooting ranges
  • Public fishing, hunting and tourism organizations and associations
  • Protection and development of hunting resources
  • Hunting dogs: items for care, nutrition, training, veterinary medicines, accessories
  • Canine society

Tourism and outdoor activity:

  • Domestic and foreign tourism, travel agencies
  • Winter and summer outdoor activity
  • Touristic equipment, accessories
  • Clothes and footwear for tourists
  • Safety products
  • Sport outfit and inventory
  • Machinery and equipment for outdoor activity and entertainment: paintball, archery and crossbow shooting
  • Extreme tourism and action sports
  • Equipment for extreme outdoor activity
  • Equipment for auto-, cycle- and water tourism, diving

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Hunting. Fishing. Tourism 2020
 Location Hunting. Fishing. Tourism 2020

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Hunting. Fishing. Tourism 2020

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