BuildExpo 2019

International specialized building exhibition

The exhibition was held from 2 to 4 of October

UzExpoCenter view map | Tashkent, Uzbekistan

"BuildExpo 2019"

In the near future, wait for updates on the upcoming exhibition

BuildExpo 2019
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    Exhibition subjects

    About the last exhibition BuildExpo 2019

    Always a target audience!
    BuildExpo 2019
    BuildExpo sections:

    BuildExpo – construction and building materials:

    • Building and finishing materials
    • Construction machinery
    • Wallpaper, wall coverings and ceilings
    • Parquet, cork, polymer floor coverings
    • Sanitary engineering, sanitary ware, tiles
    • Adhesives, varnishes, paints
    • Switches, sockets and other electrical goods
    • Facade coverings, roofs
    • Architectural projects and design of premises
    • Heating and air-conditioning systems
    • Power equipment
    • Electrical – electrical  equipment and electrical appliances

    WinDoor – windows and doors:

    • All types of doors and windows of different materials
    • Industrial Gates
    • Decorative doors and windows
    • Automatic doors
    • Energy-saving windows and doors
    • Mechanisms and fittings for different kinds of windows
    • Equipment for the production of windows and doors
    • Facade solutions

    Furniture & Textile :

    • Furniture
    • Woodworking equipment
    • Wood products
    • Furniture fittings
    • Furniture manufacture
    • Wood processing technologies

    Wide geography of participants!

    BuildExpo 2019
     Location BuildExpo 2019